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In a highly competitive market where luxury apartments are regularly added and have been on the market for far too long, the Platinum Group is a professional construction company based in Dublin specialising in house extensions and kitchen renovations. Homes Platinum was founded in 2017 and is one of the fastest growing property companies in the UK. Choosing Platinum Homes gives you access to the best developers, architects, designers, builders and architects in the world - including some of Ireland's most renowned architects and designers such as KPMG. With the help of Platinum IDEAS, we have reconsidered how people buy, rent and sell houses and provided them with data from Platinum IDEAS UK.

Our mission is to build prefabricated and modular homes to meet the changing needs of today's hard-working families. At Platinum Homes, we build houses for you on the things that matter most to you, and we are committed to building houses that you will be proud of. Our contractors supply McMaster, a family business that designs, designs and builds houses, apartments and land parcels for customers in Ballarat and the surrounding region.

The unique and individual homes built by Platinum Homes are tailored to your individual wishes and the special qualities of your property. We have ready-made house plans that you can design and customize, and we hold customers firmly in our hands throughout the entire planning and construction process. Many of us at Platinum Pointe Realty are guided by our deep knowledge of the local market and the unique needs of our customers. You have helped us to build houses that give you the income for life and that can be designed and built according to your wishes and needs.

In this category, builders earn points for achieving the highest number of units in a single-family home with the lowest cost per square meter and the best quality.

The results displayed on Facebook are fully MLS compliant, complete with a full list of property options for sale in the US and Canada. You can visit the showrooms in the North Harbour Display Village or get inspired on a guided tour. Check out the full selection of homes for sale on the showroom floor, and then visit a 3D virtual show that will focus on the design, construction, and construction process of a single-family home in Newport News.

We have a clear idea of what you are looking for, but you don't know where to start. That means we can help you with every part of the process of building your new home. We design the house of your dreams with one of our associate architects and we manage and complete the construction process for you. If you have never built a bespoke house, rest assured that we will make this process as pleasant as possible. Our team of experts has been trained to interview you and learn about your lifestyle so we can ensure that our new homes have everything you need to live a good life.

We have a proven reputation for achieving the highest standards in residential construction, having received numerous awards for our high-quality construction and design services. With over 2,300 successful projects, we explore the world of design, architecture, construction, design engineering and interior design from the best architects and designers from around the world, from New York City to London, London to Darlington, England.

Truly Platinum Homes can do any home design you have envisioned for yourself and your family, and our 360-degree virtual show rooms give you access to the amazing outdoor spaces you can create in your Platinum Home.

Many guests prefer to stay close to their rooms, but our house is located in a well-kept outdoor area with pool, pool house, spa, fitness center and outdoor terrace.

Business travelers to Jefferson Lab often stay at our Newport News hotel, and special negotiated rates are available for these very same employees. Cannon staff are also very pleased with the quality of our food and service and the location of the hotel. Guests staying near Newport News Airport (PHF) will enjoy an easy journey to and from the hotel when staying at a Newport News hotel that caters to both business travelers and travelers from other parts of Virginia and the United States. Airport travelers are always welcome, especially considering that our hotel is less than a mile from the airport motorway exit.

Our Newport News hotel is an easy choice for business and leisure travelers, and offers a wide selection of restaurants, bars and restaurants.

Platinum Homes is a new home building company and we have been involved for over 6 years, helping to create and design thousands of homes, many of which are located in the Rise subdivision on the outskirts of Papakura. That is why we are so proud to still be able to provide housing where it is needed. Platinum Homes is one of the largest home builders in Newport News, Virginia, responsible for building more than 1,000 homes in our region.

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