Newport News Virginia Sheraton Hotel

This elegant wedding venue offers spectacular views of the Lynnhaven River and is located on a quay. This cozy boutique on the Virginia coast is full of a variety of restaurants, shops and restaurants. It is one of only a handful of hotels in the Newport News area with its own private pool and spa.

The clubhouse can accommodate 140 guests and up to 200 people in the large hall and the Crystal Ball Hall is located on the second floor of the hotel, just steps from the pool and the spa. The venue is ideal for weddings of 150 people and provides an exquisite setting for events. Event rooms and private rooms are shared and the entire building (s) can be rented. Minutes from the ocean, the flagship hotel is a must for visitors and one of only a handful of hotels in Newport News.

The function room includes 11 meeting rooms designed for small and corporate events, and business details include a full bar, hair salon, restaurant, fitness center, spa and gym. Get it right and find a trusted wedding location in the Chesapeake and become part of one of the most exclusive and exclusive wedding parties in the world.

Elegant with a beautiful ballroom for wedding professionals, the Country Villa Inn is the perfect place to be part of one of the most exclusive and exclusive wedding parties in the Chesapeake, and the professional staff will help you choose your group. Formerly known as the Masonic Inn Bed and Breakfast Four Eleven York, it is time this beautiful building was preserved as a place for your stay and celebration in Norfolk.

The newly renovated Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia features a comfortable meeting and event space on Battlefield Boulevard, which includes a full-service restaurant, bar, lounge and spa. The Founders Inn and Spa is located in the heart of the city, a short walk from the Norfolk Convention Center. It has easy access to the waterfront convention center and offers stunning views of VirAginia Beach and the beauty it offers in function rooms. It is easy to combine business and pleasure, and you can enjoy the beautiful views of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Bay and the Virginia Commonwealth University campus, while the founding couple Inn & Spa offers the best of both worlds with its spa and fitness center. This Ches Hampton Virginia hotel offers comfortable, well-appointed rooms, a beautiful ballroom and meeting / function rooms along Battlefield Blvd., including a private dining room, private pool and spa with spa and massage services.

The Mermaid Winery in Virginia Beach is located just off Shore Drive, and Busch Gardens (r) is just 12 miles away. We will work closely with our suppliers to ensure that your event runs smoothly and smoothly from the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel in Norfolk to the Virginia Commonwealth University campus. We will provide a great backdrop for your events as the venue is just a short walk from the Norfolk Convention Center and the University of Virginia campus. Virginia Beach is only 45 minutes drive away, so we are back to focusing on the beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay and the indented ocean, as well as the great food and beverage options.

The nearby Hampton Coliseum is always good for some fun and an excellent choice for some leisure. The nearby Norfolk Convention Center and the University of Virginia campus, and there's always something "fun" to do.

The Greenbrier Country Club is located in the heart of Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area and offers some of the best golf in Virginia, as well as some great shopping and dining. The venueas hotel, which is managed by one of Virginia's most prestigious golf courses, is dedicated to providing couples with a carefree experience from start to finish.

The venue is a unique hidden treasure on the Virginia coast, providing an exquisite setting for a special day. The Newport News Hotel is close to the main restaurants and corporate areas, making it easy to travel around the area. Guests who need to be near Newport News Airport (PHF) can easily commute or fly to the Hampton Roads Sheraton Hotel, which offers flights to and from the airport and other major airports in the region. LOVed, is located just a few blocks south of Greenbrier Country Club and just across from a great shopping and dining area.

Wedding couple, family and friends experience a truly unique and unforgettable event. After the renovation work is complete, guests will be the first to attend a wedding or special event at LOVed, or to meet family and friends and spend the whole day at the Holiday Inn.

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