Newport News Virginia Westin Hotel

This elegant wedding venue offers spectacular views of the Lynnhaven River and is located on a quay. This cozy boutique on the Virginia coast offers a variety of fine dining options, from fine wines and fine food to upscale entertainment. It is the only hotel in the Newport News area and one of only a few in Virginia.

The clubhouse can accommodate 140 people or 200 people in the large, and the Crystal Ball Hall is located on the second floor of the hotel, a few steps from the main lobby. The venue is ideal for weddings of up to 150 people, providing an exquisite setting for events. In total, buildings can be rented and event rooms and private rooms can be shared. Just minutes from the sea, this showpiece is a must-see - visit the attraction for all visitors.

The function room includes 11 meeting rooms designed for small and corporate events, and business details include a full-service restaurant, bar, lounge, gym, conference room and office space. Find a trusted wedding venue at the Chesapeake and make sure it's right for your wedding, reception or business event at the Newport News Virginia Westin.

Elegant with a beautiful ballroom and wedding professionals, Country Villa Inn is the perfect place to be part of your wedding, reception or business event in Newport News, Virginia, and the professional staff will help you choose your group. Formerly known as the Masonic Inn Bed and Breakfast Four Eleven York, it is time this beautiful building was preserved as a place for your stay and celebration in Norfolk.

The newly refurbished Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel has well-appointed rooms, a beautiful ballroom with private pool and a spa. Located in the heart of Newport News, Virginia, just blocks from the Norfolk Convention Center, the Founders Inn & Spa offers easy access to the Watersides Convention Center, great views of VirAginia Beach and the beauty it offers as a function room. Experience the beautiful views of the water, the spa facilities of the Founders Inn and Spa and the wide range of spa facilities.

After the recent renovations, guests will be the first to visit weddings, special events and wonderful gatherings and stay at the Holiday Inn. This oceanfront hotel offers inspiring surroundings overlooking VirAginia Beach, Virginia Beach Oceanfront and Chesapeake Bay. This Virginia beach bar celebrates the style of Frs and hosts a wide range of events including private parties, family events, weddings and special occasions. Take a trip to one of the best wedding venues in the harbour to hold your wedding or special event with a special guest, such as a reception, reception or wedding reception.

The Mermaid Winery in Virginia Beach, located just off Shore Drive, provides a great backdrop for your event. We will work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all your events run smoothly and smoothly, from the start of the event to the end. This destination is located in the heart of Newport News, Virginia, just a short drive from Newport Beach. Located on the waterfront at the corner of Shore Road and Ocean Drive in Newport News, it is the perfect location for weddings and special events.

The Marriott Hotel anchors at one end of Copley Place and Neiman Marcus department store at the other. The mall is connected to the MBTA stations Back Bay and Amtrak, and a skybridge connects the mall to Huntington Avenue, Huntington Avenue, in various locations. Managed by the Newport News Virginia Westin Hotel & Spa, the aim is to provide couples with a carefree experience from start to finish.

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Learn more about the events taking place and see if Nikki Dickens will be attending the conference or check the conference schedule for upcoming events in your area. Stay up to date with the latest news and updates on our social media channels with the Rossignol Medical Center newsletter.

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